Protect America Alarm Review

Celebrating two decades of securing homes, Protect America is rewarding its market with incredibly low prices, quality GE equipment, and fantastic monitoring rates, in addition to its existing appealing features, including do-it-yourself installation and mobile access. Many Protect America reviews rank this company high due to its ability to provide not only high quality service, but also high quality products, coupled with the fact that it gives users the equipment for free.

The company has a wide coverage, delivering home security to customers in all 50 states. With the ability to reach more than 500,000 households nationwide, Protect America is ranked in the top 15 companies in the home security industry. Most of their customers stay with them for more than 8 years, because they never sell their clients’ accounts to their competitors.

General Protect America review

Just about all Protect America home security reviews state that the company’s most appealing features are the provision of free home security equipment, absence of an activation or installation fee, and affordable broadband, cellular and phone line monitoring.

Protect America gives its customers the opportunity to select a package from a list of several options, including Platinum, Gold, silver, Bronze, and Copper, all of which have a different set of sensors and pricing. As a user, you can select any one of these packages, or customize a unique system and have it shipped to you by Protect America for easy-self installation.

Protect America also offers mobile and online interactive monitoring to keep you “in-the-know” when you are away from your home, and gives clients the option to choose between cellular, broadband, or phone line monitoring.

Protect America employs top-of-the-line GE wireless sensors and GE Simon XT Control Panels manufactures by General Electric. These systems have replaced the Simon 3 model, and are considerably easy to install, owing to a variety of upgraded features including LCD display, compact design, event history log, and more wireless zones. The new system also has a built-in voice dialer, that calls any phone number that you have chosen to alert with a voice message, whenever certain events occur, like triggering a sensor.

This is a sample Protect America home security package

Lots of free alarm equipment compared to other companies

  •  100 percent wireless system for easy installation without drilling
  •  Outsourced monitoring to Criticom
  •  Interactive video surveillance
  •  Option to configure and monitor pre-existing alarm systems
  •  100 percent lifetime warranty on all system equipment
  •  Complete ownership of equipment and easy packaging for relocation
  •  Interactive cellular monitoring with no LAN line
  •  Free exclusive interactive app for monitoring – for smartphones


Positive Protect America security system reviews

Multiple affordable packages

One feature that stands out among all Protect America reviews for 2014 is the provision of multiple home security packages with different pricing, ranging from $19.99 to $42.99 per month. It is important to note that these prices are only applicable to landline monitoring, since cellular and broadband options cost a little more.

The differences in these packages arise from variations in the number of window and door sensors offered, since both the system and monitoring option are fixed. Typical Protect America contracts last for 36 months, which is rather standard in this industry.

Easy equipment transfer when relocating

Unlike the professionally installed home alarm systems that usually include a wall-mounted keypad and a variety of other equipment that becomes home fixtures, and tend to pose a problem when you decide to change your living quarters, Protect America alarm systems are designed to allow users to install them on their own. This implies that they can be easily packed up and transferred to your new home.

Transparency of charges

Many home security agencies tend to conceal their pricing information, which forces prospective clients to contact a sales representative so as to obtain even the most basic information. Protect America is straightforward and fairly transparent with their pricing. Potential clients can easily get price information on the website, so they know right away whether those packages fit their budget.

Lack of activation or installation fees

As mentioned before, Protect America gives its customers home security equipment at absolutely no cost, provided they fulfill the credit requirements, and agree to the three-year contract. Only a handful of companies in this industry employ this strategy, but some of them impose a charge for installation or activation. Protect America, however, does not charge its clients. This makes it the ideal home security company to work with if you are looking for a system with minimal upfront costs.

Free lifetime warranty

Protect America’s free lifetime warranty covers all equipment for your home monitoring security system for the length of time you remain their customer. In the event that you need replacement parts, they will be shipped to for free. As such, you do not have to be concerned with incurring additional costs for malfunctioning equipment.

Negative Protect America security reviews

Minimal surveillance options

While Protect America offers quite a wide variety of home security packages with different equipment products, their surveillance options are limited, when compared to other popular home security companies. That said, Protect America offers a high-quality pan-and-tilt camera, though the fixed one is totally sufficient when placed strategically. Another downside is the lack of outdoor cameras, which makes Protect America unsuitable for users looking for a home security system that offers diverse surveillance capabilities.

Outsourced monitoring

Protect America does not offer internal home security monitoring. Instead, it outsources its monitoring to Criticom. The most important element when it comes to monitoring is how effective the company is. Criticom is quite established in this sector, offering monitoring services to thousands of other home security dealers.

While Criticom is respected in the industry, many consumers prefer companies that offer internal monitoring, since they can be responsible for catering to their entire home security experience, and tend to take a holistic approach to ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, it may be troublesome when problems ever arise, since the user would be forced to contact two different organizations.

Reviews on Protect America – the bottom line

Protect America offers quite an exceptional deal that you are not likely to find elsewhere. They are a great choice for homeowners looking for a do-it-yourself security system with lifetime warranties on all equipment, and monitoring from an experienced company. Protect America is a trusted brand that has built its reputation in great customer service and affordable home security packages, with zero up-front costs.

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